Shogun's Story

(The names of the people writing the story have been changed for privacy)

Hi, my name is Shogun and I have Bipolar Disorder. At one time I thought there was no hope for me. I thought I was different because I had these mood swings that were out of this world. I would switch from happy to depressed. I also became an addict, because I didn't know how to deal with myself.

I ended up in jail and broke walls with my anger. I didn't think there was anyone else like me. I felt very alone. I drank and used drugs to be accepted in a group of people. Then I fell apart. Still feeling different, I married people that I didn't even love just to be with someone so people wouldn't talk.

Sometimes I felt very alone; like no one understood me. I felt trapped inside my own world. I became homeless, drinking every day to hide the pain because I didn't understand me.

I searched the internet and found the website, and then I knew there was hope. I started to read the web site every day. I learned more about my mental disease. Then, I knew I was alright and there was hope for me.

Then, I started to chair Bipolar meetings, helping other people understand their problem. In addition, I started going to AA and NA to take care of my addiction problem. I also found the Share Center in Battle Creek, Michigan. They helped me believe in myself by believing in me.

Today, I'm doing really good. I am holding a job and staying clean, thanks to the support I received from the Share Center and the information I found about my disease on the internet.

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